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Ferenc Nemeth Band

Third Street Theater - 1202 N 3rd St, Phoenix, AZ, United States

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"My new project is based on the research I did on Hungarian folk music (getting back to my roots), combined with improvisation and electronic sounds to make the music more relevant.

What I created this way is a mix of a modern adaptation of old soulful folk melodies with a great variety of rhythmic content, improvisation and some experimental sounds.
These are carefully selected songs to which I have emotional connection to. Some of them I've learned as a child, some other ones as an adult but still, they all give me goosebumps, reminding me the comfort of family, love, home....all strong Hungarian values.
I rewrote the songs but I was respectful to the original melodies. Some of them I used exactly as they were sang, other ones I opened up a little bit and changed the harmonies and rhythms. Of course one can not mention Hungarian folk music without naming Bartok and Kodaly. I've studied both of them and have a lot of respect and gratitude towards them.
The other very interesting part of this music is that I am using a vocal harmonizer. This little electronic tool enables me to use my voice as a synthesizer and create textures that reminds the listener to an accordion, violin or the famous Hungarian instrument, the Tarogato.
I like to think that today's music is evolving very fast and with the help of the internet, we have access to listen to anything at any time. That makes today's music global. There is a great variety of cultures and each culture has its own music. We can mix and match whatever we want. But by playing music there's one important responsibility left. To play it authentically and honestly. That's what I am always aiming for and this is my best project so far to represent that."


1202 N 3rd St, Phoenix, AZ, United States (Get Directions)